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My name is Vincent Sitto. As a second-generation Chaldean American, I am always thankful that my parents, Farid and Rafida Sitto, were able to escape the authoritarian ruled and corrupt Government of Iraq where they faced religious persecution for being Christian. They came to America to offer their children freedom, prosperity, and opportunity. ‘Land of the Free’ means a lot to my family. I grew up in Southfield, Michigan and eventually moved to Farmington Hills. I come from a loving home and I am the second oldest of four boys. In 2006, I married my incredible wife, Samantha, and we are the proud parents of two beautiful children Lourdes and Lucas. I live for my God, my family, and my country.

Values & Work Ethic

I work hard every day to grow in my Faith and provide for my family. Along with those responsibilities are my duty to my community. My strong belief in work ethic has turned my business ventures into successful operations. It is small businesses like mine that have made this nation great. As a strong independent nation, we need to continue the focus on small businesses that support our communities by offering products, services, and jobs to its citizens. The values instilled in me by my parents, family, and faith have truly shaped my ability to help my professional and personal career.

Why I Am Running

I was born in Oakland County and have called it my home ever since. What has happened to our once so flourishing community? What has happened to our county? What has happened to our Nation? These are the questions that I posed myself with and eventually moved me to get up and do something about it.

We need dedicated individuals shaping our community that are pioneers to the right causes. We need leaders that have the interests of their neighbors and their neighbors children at heart rather than the selfish goal of stuffing their own wallets. We have been coerced to think differently. We have been told that our schools and community are taken care of. We have been lied to.

Removing God, family, and honest work ethic from the minds of students and citizens alike has caused the lack of growth our community deserves. This is why I’m running. This is why I’m fighting. For my family and my community. My commitment is to the great county of Oakland. I need you to join me in making things good, right, and fair. I have no fear of working hard and fighting for what I believe is right.

I am fighting to ensure that the same opportunities that my parents came to America to offer to their children, are still there for my children, my grandchildren, and many more generations to come. If you believe in these values, join with me in this fight and vote for me on November 8th, 2022.

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